May 12, 2011

Motivation and the visual learner

I am a visual learner.  NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!  Motivation, for me, comes from what I can see, what I can track , what I can chart!  I think that is why I have enjoyed the Lose It site as much as I have.  I like the pictures.  I like feeling the need to put "something" into each of the categories: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Exercise.  If I didn't have something, anything to put into each spot, I would feel like I had failed...myself.

I have managed to change some long standing BAD habbits, of no breakfast and sometimes no lunch, through the use of this site.  I would chew a persons arm off if I didn't have breakfast now and could, in no way, then miss lunch as well.  I never use to exercise.  I thought that people who "had to" were mentally bent.  I mean, really, who in their right mind WANTS to sweat?  Well, I do.  I want to move everyday.  I hate sitting still.  I have to be on the go so, I started to walk.  I have a difficult time running because of shin splints but I do enjoy a brisk walk, at a minimum of, once a day.  They tend to last for between 30 mins and an hour and cover anywhere upto 10 kms....EVERYDAY.  But, I couldn't track how far I was going.  I didn't know the distance that I had moved from my couch since March.

There was a gentleman on the Lose It Facebook page who mentioned that he was virtually walking across America and I WANTED TO PLAY!!!  Are you kidding me????!!!  Having the ability to see that you have really moved!  To see that you have walked across the country!!!!???  But wait!, I'm a Canadian.  I don't want to walk across the US.  Well, I found a site, that will allow me to track my steps (or my kms) across this country!  I am so excited.  I am so motivated!!!!

I walk with a pedometer and make sure that I am getting my 10, 000 steps in each day.  I enter them and, Starting in Victoria, a green line showing my progress is making it's way to Newfoundland.  The questions abound!  How long will it take me to get to the main land?  How many days to walk through each province?  I am SO FREAKIN' excited to be able to see that Green line grow...I just want to walk.  I feel a bit like Forest Gump....Walk Mama, Walk!!!!

And, because I am such an OCD-type personality...I will Walk!  I will walk more.  I will get that damn scale to move in a downward fashion and I will be able to say that I WALKED ACROSS CANADA!!

Join me if you'd like!
So EXCITED to have a new and visual way to show my progress.


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